Why Starting with a Balance Bike for Kids is Best

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Yes, I know I grew up learning to ride a bicycle the old-fashioned way. That is, falling off and getting bruised and experiencing road rash, scrapes and lacerations. We did not even use helmets when I was a kid! Did injuries occur back then? They certainly did. I remember a school kid being killed. There is a better way to teach kids how to balance on a bicycle than training wheels. We got our children a balance bike for kids when they were graduating from tricycles to two wheels. The big problem is kids learning how to move the pedals and stay balanced at the same time. Since the most important thing is learning to balance, this is what a balance bike does. » Read more: Why Starting with a Balance Bike for Kids is Best

Breastfeeding Your Baby

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Most health experts agree that breastfeeding is the best method of supplying a newborn’s nourishment for the mother and new baby alike. The feeding can only be done by the mother and can establish a bond with the baby right from the start. However, some babies have problems suckling, so the next best alternative is breast milk that is hand pumped and put into bottles. The advantage to this method is that that father can participate in the feeding process.

When first deciding as to whether breastfeed or not, a new mother should be aware that babies that are breastfed have lower infection rates, such as ear and stomach infections. These children also have less digestive problems such as diarrhea, fewer allergies, and a lower rate of skin disease. These babies also run a lower risk of being overweight and of developing anemia, high blood pressure, and diabetes. » Read more: Breastfeeding Your Baby